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Dear December

Gingerbread houses, snow globes, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas music, Christmas cookies…Christmas EVERYTHING, I am 100% undeniably obsessed with. I think it has something to do with darker cozier days where the neighborhood streets are all sparkly, and holiday cheer is as contagious as flu season! Ok…not my best analogy, but I’m sure you get the point.

First off, I’m going to apologize for going MIA these past few weeks, and then I’m going to apologize for this super short post. I guess you could say that holiday season is always busy with the hustle and bustle of shoppers and all that lovely jazz, but if you’re a college student too, I’m sure you’re already picking up what I’m putting down. :) …because before the fun, it’s finals week! (Which does not deserve an exclamation point, but I’m trying to convey a sense of sarcastic enthusiasm.) It’s hectic, it’s crazy, I’m cramming, but in just another week I will have hopefully (fingers-crossed!) survived.

And to survive is to celebrate, which means I’m going to be doing a twelve day Christmas Countdown filled with anything I can think of. It’s going to be fantastic!

Also! Big news! PT&W has been going under renovations yet again, because I am a “perfectionist” at hand and I like pretty things like pretty websites. SO that has been happening, and I’m so excited to show you the final results! Check back at this site for the new link, which is where I’ll be doing the Christmas Countdown.

So let’s be best friends! Comment below things you might like to see during my “blog-mas!” and also because I want to visit all your sites :) And if you’d also like, I have an instagram and you can follow me at PrettyThingsandWanderlove.

Here’s to Happy Holidays!

Love, M.

1989- We Never Go Out Of Style

I love, love stories as much as as the next girl. Where there is a boy who meets a girl and it is a kind of love story, where sparks fly, you belong with me, in an enchanted to meet you kind of way. And I have loved these stories, and listened to them over and over, since I was a freshman in high school and still even now. Because long story short, Taylor Swift is as iconic as iconic goes, and she just never goes out of style.

I have always been a huge Taylor Swift fan, because lyrically her songs are beautiful, and also because she holds herself in the public eye as classy and graceful in a truly admirable way that is hard to find in most stars these days. Over the years, I’ve loved how her music is always changing and so does her style. She looks so good in everything! I admire her so much for always wearing heels because we are both 5’10, and I always feel awkward, and she just looks fabulous. From flirty dresses to crop tops, she still manages to look so pretty and put-together. Honestly, what’s her secret?

With 1989, Taylor’s most recent album coming out in twenty four hours, I thought I’d do a little post in the spirit of all the excitement trending on Instagram, tumblr, and twitter. Last week, as I was wandering around the mall with my little sister, I came across a lovely white crop top that slightly reminded me of Taylor’s outfit when she first live streamed the news of 1989 in New York. I have never been one for crop tops, but the one Taylor wore was so, so, pretty, and I thought maybe…I could pull something similar off…maybe…


photo 2-4

photo 1-5

And so here is my recreation of Taylor’s outfit! I really love the top and the detailing at the bottom. This is probably more of a spring to summer outfit but today the high was 80 degrees, so it was perfect.  1989 drops tonight on iTunes and I have already pre-ordered. Have you?

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Nine West

Let me know what you think? And Stay Beautiful!




Autumn 2014 LookBook – Fall Flowers

photo 2-3And, Hello Again!

One of my favorite things about Autumn is the shift from sandals to boots, sundresses for flannels. It really is the best kind of trade-in, since too much of anything gets tiring after awhile. However, like I mentioned in the previous post, I live in the south and the transition to Autumn is more like a shift in spirit more than actual weather, at least… right now that is. The leaves probably won’t start falling till November, but that’s a minor setback! So what, if the weather is more warm and slightly breezy, rather than chilly sweater weather? We get those a few times a week too! If anything, this is the perfect opportunity that stretches out the closet-life of a few summer-to-fall transitional pieces! And you should know, I do love summer clothes.

This past Friday I went on a short adventure stroll in the city and stumbled on a Forever 21 on the corner of the street. As a college student, I am all about affordability, and Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores to wander in without worrying that a sweater will blow my budget. That said, you win some, and you lose some. By this I mean quality-wise, you really have to pick and choose since not everything is top-knotch. Most to all of my purchases from there need to be cold washed and laid flat to dry. However, don’t let this discourage you, because there are some really nice things there, they just might be a little more costly. The great thing about Forever 21 is that there are a multitude of styles to pick and choose from to your liking. The store itself is huge and a lot to take on, so I usually do a swift sweep through and if anything catches my eye, I will try it on and see where it goes. To sift through everything would be drastically overwhelming for me, but if you like a treasure hunting challenge, go for it!photo 1-3

Since it is Autumn, I like to dress in darker colors. In general, I’m not much of a color person. Darker, warmer, earth tones are definitely what I’m drawn towards during this time of the year. On friday, I found this very adorable romper at Forever 21. Rompers are more summer-y than autumn, but since the color was black, I thought it was something I could easily transition. My favorite thing about this romper are the sleeves which have a bit of ruffle detailing on the edges which gives it a sweeter look. The print, is also pretty awesome too. After all, I love fall and I love floral prints.

photo 3-2

I wore this outfit today on a weekend outing with my sister and to church. It was breezy warm outside so I just incorporated some sheer pantyhose to give it a more autumnal look. My shoes are just black with a little heel and bows, and I have on a gray Kate Spade shoulder bag. If it were to get colder outside, I think a knit cardigan thrown over could give it a a cozier look.

photo 4-2

Black Floral Romper: Forever 21

Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Purse: Small Loden Newberry Lane from Kate Spade

What do you think?

*This is part one of many parts to my Autumn LookBook. As I add more posts to the collection, you can view my pictures under the “Gallery” page.

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!


P.S. Next week’s post will be Taylor Swift inspired since 1989 will be coming out! :)



Autumn Bucket List

I am a firm believer in bucket lists. I have one for practically everything. From summers, college, vacations, Christmases…you name it! Life is what you make it, and I want to travel everywhere, eat exotic dishes, and collect beautiful things, hence the name: Pretty Things & Wanderlove. So of course when the weather started changing, and the leaves began turning lovely colors, I put summer in a box with the rest of my sundresses and I shook out my sweaters and stacked them according to color. Since I live in Texas where the weather is still quite unsure of itself, the heat fluctuates in and out, but it’s October, so there’s no denying that we are in Autumn, and so here comes my bucket list!

 Autumn bucket list

First things first!

autumn lookbook

(I’ve always loved watching youtube videos of Lookbooks aka.( Ingrid Nilsen’s!) and I think they are incredibly beautiful in a kind of very wonderful way. I don’t have the skills or the un-awkwardness to pull off a video, but they say a picture can say a thousand words right? In this case, a collection of them.)

Autumn bucket list

(I’ve come to discover that Starbucks is a part of college life, as is the library. My favorite drink of all the time is the green tea frappuccino, but I’ve also heard great things about Starbucks’ pumpkin bread and the Pumpkin Spice Latte. So why not?)

Autumn bucket list

(Each month/season I like to read to a new book just because I am a girl who could live in a paper castle. :) I think the synopsis to this book sounds so adorable and If you know me, you already know I am a lover of love stories. College-life is pretty much the only life I have thanks to being a science major, but one day I will sit in the park or in my room at the library or somewhere, and I will devour this book like no tomorrow.)

Autumn bucket list

(Alongside blogging here, and blogging on my tumblr, and studying for school and all that jazz, I like to write stories and pretend I could be a writer if I was adventurously daring enough. I’m working on a collection of short stories and if I can finish up to 50k words by October, that would be fabulous, if not, we have all of Autumn to tip-tap-type away!)

Autumn bucket list

(If you know me at all, you’d know I’m kind of obsessed with adventures. I feel like every month should have something exciting to it. Something where I step out of my comfort zone and take a little leap of faith! We’ll see how that goes.)

Autumn bucket list

(Autumn is just the beginning of sweater weather, and I am a lover of weather for sweater wearing. haha! That’s kind of a mouth full! I want a closet full of them and I’m on the lookout for the perfect black ankle booties.)

Autumn bucket list

(When the weather is nice, you have to take advantage of it! Especially in Texas where it changes sporadically from sunshine to thunderstorms in a matter of blinks!)

Autumn bucket list

(If I could meet anyone is the world it would be Taylor Swift herself, because I think she is incredibly talented and she is seriously the prettiest person ever. I say that, and it’s irrelevant, but I mean it inside and out. At least, I think she is…Compared to other celebrities, I think she’s so classy and her newest album is out this October and I’ve already preordered it!)

Autumn bucket list

(I want to make my own scarf and then I want to make a sweater. Nothing really says Autumn like knitting by the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, and listening to instrumental piano music. Oh wait…does this make me a grandma?”

Autumn bucket list

(Finally the Big Ten! I always like to leave it open and ambiguous so that lovely things can find their way into the season. Trying something new, something fun, something wonderful, can mean a lot of things, and it could be to have a good time and love life or  simply to enjoy what everyday brings. So I intend to do just that!)

Thank you so much for reading my bucket list! There are a bunch more I’d like to add but I can’t think of them right on the spot, and the list is infinitely long. I’d love to hear what’s on your bucket list in the comments! As I complete these, I will post pictures in the “Gallery” under “Autumn Bucketlist 2014!” so check back for those! And if I don’t complete all of them, that’s perfectly okay, because they’ll just roll over to next year!

Have a lovely Season of Fun!


With Love and Pumpkin Spice

123Hello there!

And a huge welcome to my little nook of the internet, Pretty Things & Wanderlove! For the past three months I have been working on this site in terms of the construction, the layout, the content, and now I’m kind of walking on clouds to share it with you. PT&W is my blog of everything from fashion, style, beauty, DIYs, and in the kitchen. There really are no rules to this, I just want to
write about the things I love, take pictures, and share them with you.

As this is my first post, the official launching of Pretty Things & Wanderlove, I’d make a party out of this if I could. I would have DIY’ed invites, made those confetti balloons I’ve always wanted to try, and invited all of you to a brunch party! Because don’t you just love brunch? We could sit outside on the backyard patio and enjoy Autumn weather at its finest. We could talk about whatever it is people talk about at brunch, like how Taylor Swift’s new album is less than a month away, or how Loft has some really pretty sweaters this season. Then we’d indulge ourselves with brunch food, laugh a lot, and it’d just be fantastic. Don’t you think?

In the spirit virtual love, I’m sending some your way in the form of pancakes and pumpkin spice! Because obviously we can’t really have that brunch date, but what I can do, is share with you my latest brunch pancake favorite. It is pumpkin inspired, for Autumn with lots of October love. Because can you really believe today is already October 5th, 2014?! I’m shivery with excitement because the best few months are to come!!

I made these this morning with my little sister while listening to Christmas music, and it was so fun. Believe me when I say that these are easy (because I can do it), and yum, because my sister (the pickiest eater in the world) ate them. :) I adapted the recipe off of Food.com and just took away or added a few little things to tailor towards my personal taste. I topped mine off with some homemade whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon! However, feel free to experiment with yours!

Wishing you lots of luck, and October love! <3



Pastry Adventures

Why hello there!

Can you believe we have stumbled into November already?! I’m caught off guard at how fast the year is flying by, and it’s the kind of feeling that leaves you dazed and dizzy with mixed emotions. Because honestly, the fact that 2015 is less than two months away is UNREAL! Am I right? But nonetheless, we are officially in holiday season, which really is the best time of year. The weather is getting really cold right now and I just want to spend my days drinking hot chocolate and baking cookies just to have the house smell nice. Thanksgiving then Christmas then New Year’s Eve. We really are in for wonderful times.

Last week, Pretty Things &Wanderlove was closed for some minimal renovations. Really, I was just messing around with layouts and such. ;) So as you might notice, the site has taken on a slight change but everything should still be easy to navigate. What do you think? I really wanted to incorporate polaroids into my theme because they are so vintage and fun, and I thought they went well with the whole “Wanderlove” aspect of this blog.

Because I didn’t post on Sunday due to loads of school work, I thought today, I’d do a post on the most wonderful Bakery/Cafe I visited.

adventuresCafe Adventures

Today I went on a lovely little adventure, and it’s probably been the highlight of this week so far! On most fridays after class, I usually book it to the Club and eat lunch there, but after a week of tedious testing I felt like I needed an extra treat. So after a bit of convincing myself and looking up bus routes, I did a little research on Yelp and came across this lovely, lovely little place. Not only is it oh-so-adorable in a charming brick building with outdoor seating and lots of sunlight pouring through. It was modern but cozy and really cute. The pastries were nothing short of heaven and next time I’m going to order off the their lunch/brunch menu. I’ve heard they have some weirdly interesting things like Octopus Hash! haha. Since this was my first time, I asked for a recommendation from the girl behind the counter, and she said I had to try this pastry called Kouign Amann. From what I could tell it was like a buttery sweet sticky croissant (that doesn’t really justify it, but I’m a bit at a loss for words). I had hot chocolate to go with it and afterwards, I ordered two more things to-go (a fruit croissant and a sugar brioche)  for my little sister and I to share at home! I don’t know how those taste but I’ll update this post on them when I do.

(Update: The fruit croissant was sugary, tart, and so yum! The sugar brioche was like a flaky buttery  sugar crusted bun, which was also pretty good.)

There was something so liberatingly wonderful about this little adventure even though I know it’s just a trip to a bakery. But actually, it’s the first place I’ve explored alone since I’ve been to college where I’m mostly sheltered in a very freezing library with cups of Starbucks. In truth, I was a little terrified to go off into the city alone but I’m glad I did. I didn’t get lost as I thought I would,  and I had fun. Nearby were a strip of little boutiques and thrift stores that I so would have visited had I not been carrying a bakery box. I’ve never been thrifting but I’ve always wanted to. And maybe one day I will. Exploring new places is always so fun!

 * This cafe is local, so for safety preferences, the name will remain undisclosed. 

Keep yours eyes out for a new post Sunday. And here’s to hoping your Friday is just as Wonderful!

Love, M.