With Love and Pumpkin Spice

123Hello there!

And a huge welcome to my little nook of the internet, Pretty Things & Wanderlove! For the past three months I have been working on this site in terms of the construction, the layout, the content, and now I’m kind of walking on clouds to share it with you. PT&W is my blog of everything from fashion, style, beauty, DIYs, and in the kitchen. There really are no rules to this, I just want to
write about the things I love, take pictures, and share them with you.

As this is my first post, the official launching of Pretty Things & Wanderlove, I’d make a party out of this if I could. I would have DIY’ed invites, made those confetti balloons I’ve always wanted to try, and invited all of you to a brunch party! Because don’t you just love brunch? We could sit outside on the backyard patio and enjoy Autumn weather at its finest. We could talk about whatever it is people talk about at brunch, like how Taylor Swift’s new album is less than a month away, or how Loft has some really pretty sweaters this season. Then we’d indulge ourselves with brunch food, laugh a lot, and it’d just be fantastic. Don’t you think?

In the spirit virtual love, I’m sending some your way in the form of pancakes and pumpkin spice! Because obviously we can’t really have that brunch date, but what I can do, is share with you my latest brunch pancake favorite. It is pumpkin inspired, for Autumn with lots of October love. Because can you really believe today is already October 5th, 2014?! I’m shivery with excitement because the best few months are to come!!

I made these this morning with my little sister while listening to Christmas music, and it was so fun. Believe me when I say that these are easy (because I can do it), and yum, because my sister (the pickiest eater in the world) ate them. :) I adapted the recipe off of Food.com and just took away or added a few little things to tailor towards my personal taste. I topped mine off with some homemade whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon! However, feel free to experiment with yours!

Wishing you lots of luck, and October love! <3




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