Autumn Bucket List

I am a firm believer in bucket lists. I have one for practically everything. From summers, college, vacations, Christmases…you name it! Life is what you make it, and I want to travel everywhere, eat exotic dishes, and collect beautiful things, hence the name: Pretty Things & Wanderlove. So of course when the weather started changing, and the leaves began turning lovely colors, I put summer in a box with the rest of my sundresses and I shook out my sweaters and stacked them according to color. Since I live in Texas where the weather is still quite unsure of itself, the heat fluctuates in and out, but it’s October, so there’s no denying that we are in Autumn, and so here comes my bucket list!

 Autumn bucket list

First things first!

autumn lookbook

(I’ve always loved watching youtube videos of Lookbooks aka.( Ingrid Nilsen’s!) and I think they are incredibly beautiful in a kind of very wonderful way. I don’t have the skills or the un-awkwardness to pull off a video, but they say a picture can say a thousand words right? In this case, a collection of them.)

Autumn bucket list

(I’ve come to discover that Starbucks is a part of college life, as is the library. My favorite drink of all the time is the green tea frappuccino, but I’ve also heard great things about Starbucks’ pumpkin bread and the Pumpkin Spice Latte. So why not?)

Autumn bucket list

(Each month/season I like to read to a new book just because I am a girl who could live in a paper castle. :) I think the synopsis to this book sounds so adorable and If you know me, you already know I am a lover of love stories. College-life is pretty much the only life I have thanks to being a science major, but one day I will sit in the park or in my room at the library or somewhere, and I will devour this book like no tomorrow.)

Autumn bucket list

(Alongside blogging here, and blogging on my tumblr, and studying for school and all that jazz, I like to write stories and pretend I could be a writer if I was adventurously daring enough. I’m working on a collection of short stories and if I can finish up to 50k words by October, that would be fabulous, if not, we have all of Autumn to tip-tap-type away!)

Autumn bucket list

(If you know me at all, you’d know I’m kind of obsessed with adventures. I feel like every month should have something exciting to it. Something where I step out of my comfort zone and take a little leap of faith! We’ll see how that goes.)

Autumn bucket list

(Autumn is just the beginning of sweater weather, and I am a lover of weather for sweater wearing. haha! That’s kind of a mouth full! I want a closet full of them and I’m on the lookout for the perfect black ankle booties.)

Autumn bucket list

(When the weather is nice, you have to take advantage of it! Especially in Texas where it changes sporadically from sunshine to thunderstorms in a matter of blinks!)

Autumn bucket list

(If I could meet anyone is the world it would be Taylor Swift herself, because I think she is incredibly talented and she is seriously the prettiest person ever. I say that, and it’s irrelevant, but I mean it inside and out. At least, I think she is…Compared to other celebrities, I think she’s so classy and her newest album is out this October and I’ve already preordered it!)

Autumn bucket list

(I want to make my own scarf and then I want to make a sweater. Nothing really says Autumn like knitting by the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate, and listening to instrumental piano music. Oh wait…does this make me a grandma?”

Autumn bucket list

(Finally the Big Ten! I always like to leave it open and ambiguous so that lovely things can find their way into the season. Trying something new, something fun, something wonderful, can mean a lot of things, and it could be to have a good time and love life or  simply to enjoy what everyday brings. So I intend to do just that!)

Thank you so much for reading my bucket list! There are a bunch more I’d like to add but I can’t think of them right on the spot, and the list is infinitely long. I’d love to hear what’s on your bucket list in the comments! As I complete these, I will post pictures in the “Gallery” under “Autumn Bucketlist 2014!” so check back for those! And if I don’t complete all of them, that’s perfectly okay, because they’ll just roll over to next year!

Have a lovely Season of Fun!



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