Pastry Adventures

Why hello there!

Can you believe we have stumbled into November already?! I’m caught off guard at how fast the year is flying by, and it’s the kind of feeling that leaves you dazed and dizzy with mixed emotions. Because honestly, the fact that 2015 is less than two months away is UNREAL! Am I right? But nonetheless, we are officially in holiday season, which really is the best time of year. The weather is getting really cold right now and I just want to spend my days drinking hot chocolate and baking cookies just to have the house smell nice. Thanksgiving then Christmas then New Year’s Eve. We really are in for wonderful times.

Last week, Pretty Things &Wanderlove was closed for some minimal renovations. Really, I was just messing around with layouts and such. ;) So as you might notice, the site has taken on a slight change but everything should still be easy to navigate. What do you think? I really wanted to incorporate polaroids into my theme because they are so vintage and fun, and I thought they went well with the whole “Wanderlove” aspect of this blog.

Because I didn’t post on Sunday due to loads of school work, I thought today, I’d do a post on the most wonderful Bakery/Cafe I visited.

adventuresCafe Adventures

Today I went on a lovely little adventure, and it’s probably been the highlight of this week so far! On most fridays after class, I usually book it to the Club and eat lunch there, but after a week of tedious testing I felt like I needed an extra treat. So after a bit of convincing myself and looking up bus routes, I did a little research on Yelp and came across this lovely, lovely little place. Not only is it oh-so-adorable in a charming brick building with outdoor seating and lots of sunlight pouring through. It was modern but cozy and really cute. The pastries were nothing short of heaven and next time I’m going to order off the their lunch/brunch menu. I’ve heard they have some weirdly interesting things like Octopus Hash! haha. Since this was my first time, I asked for a recommendation from the girl behind the counter, and she said I had to try this pastry called Kouign Amann. From what I could tell it was like a buttery sweet sticky croissant (that doesn’t really justify it, but I’m a bit at a loss for words). I had hot chocolate to go with it and afterwards, I ordered two more things to-go (a fruit croissant and a sugar brioche)  for my little sister and I to share at home! I don’t know how those taste but I’ll update this post on them when I do.

(Update: The fruit croissant was sugary, tart, and so yum! The sugar brioche was like a flaky buttery  sugar crusted bun, which was also pretty good.)

There was something so liberatingly wonderful about this little adventure even though I know it’s just a trip to a bakery. But actually, it’s the first place I’ve explored alone since I’ve been to college where I’m mostly sheltered in a very freezing library with cups of Starbucks. In truth, I was a little terrified to go off into the city alone but I’m glad I did. I didn’t get lost as I thought I would,  and I had fun. Nearby were a strip of little boutiques and thrift stores that I so would have visited had I not been carrying a bakery box. I’ve never been thrifting but I’ve always wanted to. And maybe one day I will. Exploring new places is always so fun!

 * This cafe is local, so for safety preferences, the name will remain undisclosed. 

Keep yours eyes out for a new post Sunday. And here’s to hoping your Friday is just as Wonderful!

Love, M.


9 thoughts on “Pastry Adventures

  1. Lovely post! I too think that this year is flying by, and I haven’t gotten out much since I’ve been on my own at college either, but lately I’ve started exploring my cute little college town. We have a small coffee shop and a cute boutique dangerously close to the school that I’ve started periodically visiting.
    I can’t wait for your next post!


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